🥞 This Sweet Vs. Savory Breakfast Food Quiz Will Reveal If You’re a Morning or Night Person

Bacon and eggs or French toast? You decide.

When it comes to breakfast, many of us have our go-to meals as part of our morning routine. It is easy to decide what to eat if you prefer one type of flavor over the other. However, sometimes we tend to crave a dish that combines both sweet and savory into the perfect breakfast item. To help you out in such a time of need, here are some dishes that match this description.

Monkey bread fits this description perfectly, being a version of cinnamon rolls that is suitable for breakfast. If you're good with having cookies to start your day, baking some with sea salt and chocolate chips will cater to varied taste buds.

In this quiz, we will present you with a bunch of dishes that are either sweet or savory. Choose the dish(es) that you'd have for breakfast and we will tell you if you're more of a morning person or one that thrives in the night.

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This Sweet Vs Savory Breakfast Food Quiz Will Reveal If You're Morning or Night Person Questions

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