🥪 This Is a Little Odd, But We Can Actually Guess Your Age by Your Opinions on Toast Toppings

The best thing since sliced bread.

Toasts are so versatile. When paired with the right combination of toppings, toast makes a hearty and convenient breakfast, lunch, snack, or meal on the go. You can never run out of the available toast toppings available.

Whether you are in the mood for something sweet or savory, there is always a spread or topping you can use to dress up your toast with a little extra flavor. The only limit here is your creativity.

Debate rages when it comes to the most delicious toppings on toast. Here's a quiz where you can have your say on what are some of the best toast combinations. Believe it or not, we can actually tell how old you are simply by how you rate these toast toppings. If you're getting a bit tired of traditional toast toppings like jam, peanut butter, and every millennial's favorite pick (avocado, obviously), this quiz may give you an idea or two on what to pile on your next toast.

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