We Know If You’re a Teen, 20-Something, Or 30-Something Based on Your Trendy Food Opinions

I think we've got this.

We used to just eat our food, like normal people, eating normal meals. But ever since the explosion of social media, "Instagrammable" foods are the new trend. What used to be a simple grilled cheese sandwich is now mermaid-themed toast with rainbow cheese. Doughnuts come in all forms and varieties such as sushi, pizza, and even spaghetti. When you have black charcoal-infused ice cream and over-the-top freakshakes, one can see why plain normal food just wouldn't cut it when it comes to social media documentation.

Do you feel that some food trends have become so pervasive that they've overstayed their welcome (avocado toast and rainbow bagels, we're looking at you)? Or does the next hipster food that surges in popularity still whet your appetite? Rate some trendy foods and drinks based on how much you like each one, and we will try to guess which decade of life you're in.

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