Only a Trendy Person Will Like at Least 10/19 of These Things

Are you trendy or nah?

Only a Trendy Person Will Like at Least 10 of Things Quiz

There are many people who follow the latest trends, but few are actually all-around trendy. Someone may be well-informed in fashion, but don't necessarily have similar knowledge when it comes to areas like food, travel and tech. A person may be able to make a galaxy-glazed doughnut, grill a rainbow cheese sandwich, create dainty unicorn macarons, and whip up the latest trends in the kitchen, but at the same time be totally clueless about the current trends in home design. And then, there are the ones who just have no idea what's in and what's out in the world at all.

So you eat avocado toast with chia overnight oats for brunch, and you make sure to include quinoa in your burrito bowl. You grow succulents at home, and you wear a pair of culottes with slides. But does that mean you are on trend? Take our highly scientific quiz to find out just how trendy you really are. The number of cool things you like will determine if you are trendy... or not.

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  10. 🌈 I Know Your Age by the Number of Trendy Foods You’ve Tried
  11. How Trendy Were You Last Year?
  12. 🍳 Do You Actually Prefer Classic or Trendy Breakfast Foods?
  13. If You’ve Eaten 11/21 of These Foods, Then You’re Definitely a Hipster
  14. Only a Trendy Person Will Like at Least 10/19 of These Things
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  16. We Know Where You Should Live Based on Your Food Trend Opinions
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  18. Decorate Your House With These Decor Trends and We’ll Guess Which Generation You’re from
  19. Can We Guess Your Favorite Color Based on the Hipster Milkshake You Create?
  20. Choose Between Normal or Trendy Foods and We’ll Tell You If You’re More Shy or Outgoing
  21. πŸ‘Ά Judge These Hipster Baby Names and We’ll Tell You How Many Kids You Are Destined to Have
  22. Rate These Trendy Foods and We’ll Accurately Guess Your Age
  23. This Hipster Food Quiz Will Reveal Where You Should Actually Live


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