We Know Where You Should Live Based on Your Food Trend Opinions

What do you think of ramen burgers and spaghetti donuts?

A lot of popular food trends come about quickly and news about them spread around the world like wildfire. This is mainly because of social media and the way businesses use it to market their creative ideas. But this also makes it difficult to pinpoint where they originate from. So, we've done a little digging.

You surely must have come across a product of the unicorn food trend. The beautiful food items were initially created by a food stylist in Miami. Through her efforts to make her food more appealing, she incorporated beetroot as a natural dye. It inadvertently created a unicorn-like effect and now she is to thank for this eye-catching trend!

In this quiz, decide how you feel about trendy foods. Would you try some bone broth? Do you hate the idea of avocado lattes? Are you unsure about your feelings on butter coffee? Your opinions will help us determine the location you should be living in.

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We Know Where You Should Live by Your Food Trend Opinio… Quiz Questions

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