Which City Matches Your Style? 👠

Where is your true fashion home?

Most of us dream of visiting a city for various reasons - it could be aesthetically pleasing, rich in culture, or filled with fun activities. This city you dream of seeing could be based on your interests, and it could also reveal your true personality.

If you've always wanted to visit Los Angeles, you're really captivated by TV and movies. You want to see where most of your favorite stars reside and work. You also believe that this is how you can live your dreams. If you can't wait to hop on a flight to Bali, you believe in the motto "eat, pray, love". And if Dubai is the place you wish to see in person, you have flashy style and you want to show it off when you visit the city's plethora of malls and famous tall buildings.

In this quiz, pick out a hypothetical outfit and the accompanying accessories that best represent your fashion sense, and you'll find out which city you belong based on your sense of style. Go on, you fashionista!

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