🐹 What Domestic Animal Were You in a Previous Life?

Which animal were you before you were you?

If you believe in reincarnation then you likely also believe you could have been an animal in another life. Granted, if you believe in reincarnation then we have all had multiple lives as different species, perhaps in multiple universes. It actually sounds pretty cool, that we just begin a new life with no memory of our previous ones, although some subconscious character traits remain under the surface.

While we don't have exact memories of our previous lives some of what happened to us stays ingrained in our being. Our personalities, ways of dealing with things, and even how we interact with people have all been impacted by who and what we were in our previous lives.

By answering these questions we will be able to determine what domestic animal you have been in one of your many previous lives. The animal you were in a past life is likely influencing the person you are today. What might that be?

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🐹 What Domestic Animal Were You in a Previous Life? Quiz Questions

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