Which Marvel and Pixar Hybrid Character Are You?

Are you a Spider-Man-Sulley or a Thor-Nemo?

When Marvel was acquired by Disney, it joined previous acquisition, Pixar, in the Walt Disney family. Ever since then, moviegoers have been dreaming of possible crossover situations. This was fueled further when the chief creative officer of Pixar hinted at a possible collaboration between the two entities. What could that partnership be?

The Avengers has been a big hit with the general movie audience. So an obvious tie-in would be with superhero family, The Incredibles! Can you imagine a face-off between Scarlet Witch and Violet? What about an Ant-Man movie, where he shrinks and catches up with the crew from A Bug's Life? We would like to see Sulley and Mike from Monsters, Inc. try to scare a young Peter Parker!

In this quiz, answer some questions about your Marvel, Pixar, and personality-based preferences. Your opinions will determine which combination of Marvel and Pixar characters you are most like!

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Which Marvel/Pixar Hybrid Character Are You? Quiz Questions

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