Which Badass Fictional Woman Are You?

Are you Daenerys? Hermione? Leia?

We love watching our favorite action heroes and heroines on the big screen taking it to the villains. Regardless of what their motivations might be, ranging from saving a loved one to getting revenge to protecting the world at large, the coolest cinematic badasses are united in their unwillingness to compromise for what they're fighting for and the awesome ways in which they fight for it.

There are about as many kick-ass female characters as male ones. Badassery is transcendent that way. While you might not have had the chance to show it yet, you've got all the same things inside of you that many female heroes from the movies and TV do.

Perhaps you're the type of badass who likes to beat up the bad guys and save the day. Or, on the other hand, your badassery might be contained to getting revenge on those who have wronged you. Still, other powerful female characters from TV and movie history have superpowers to aid them in their adventures. You might be the type of badass who utilizes weapons to fend off evil-doers or you might be the type who only needs her fists. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to know which strong female character your personality matches to a tee with, then take this quiz to find out now.

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