Which Character from a Hit HBO Series Are You Most Like?

Are you Tony Soprano or Tyrion Lannister?

HBO has created some of the most exciting, ambitious, and epic TV shows of all time, from the debut of The Sopranos in 1999 and Six Feet Under in the early 2000s to recent shows like Game of Thrones, Westworldย and True Detective. Since the network began creating original works, itโ€™s been clear that they have a different approach to the storytelling process. While traditional TV shows tend to have two-dimensional characters that are either โ€œgoodโ€ or โ€œbad,โ€ HBO goes deeper with their sophisticated works of fiction.

A lead character in a HBO series is often complex, complicated, and multi-dimensional. As is the case with all of us as well, they have parts of them that are good and parts of them that are not as good. They are often flawed characters whom we grow to empathize with and relate to.

Ever wonder if there is a TV character that you are similar to? Take this quiz and we will reveal the one character from a popular HBO series you share a personality with.

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Which Character from a Hit HBO Series Are You Most Like? Quiz Questions

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