Everyone Has an Iconic Horror Villain That Matches Their Personality β€” Who Are You?

Which horror movie baddie are you?

What Horror Villain Are You?
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In real life, there are rarely clear-cut good guys or bad guys. Most people have a mishmash of good and bad motivations. Therefore, most of us are made up of different parts good and evil as well. Somewhere within you, there are the same driving motivators that cause movie villains to commit the vile acts they do. The real interesting question is which terrifyingΒ movie villain from history are you most similar to?

Perhaps you are driven by power and the desire to control as much of the universe as you can. On the other hand, you might be driven solely by revenge or the need to inflict pain on others around you like most horror movie villains.

To find out which horror movie baddie shares your personality, take this quiz and we'll tell you which demented serial killer or supernatural entity from fiction you are most like.

What Horror Villain Are You? Quiz Questions