We Know Your Age And Gender Just Based On These 15 “Would You Rather” Questions

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This might sound strange or perhaps even unbelievable, but we can figure out how old you are and what your gender is just by asking you a series of โ€œwould you ratherโ€ questions. You might be saying to yourself, โ€œwell that sounds a little presumptive, how well could they possibly determine my age and gender based on some silly questions?โ€ Well, we've got a system down that is coming up with accurate results more often than inaccurate ones. Weโ€™ve been wrong once or twice before, however.

There is a good chance that there are clues to your age and gender hidden in your answers to these โ€œwould you ratherโ€ questions. Some of these questions may be rather difficult to answer, so just be honest and pick the best one that applies to you. To see if you are actually a young female, middle-aged man or senior woman, give your most honest answers in this quiz and we'll reveal the truth. You may need to double-check your birth certificate after this.

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