Would You Survive “Squid Game”?

It's only a game!

Have you ever been really hard up for money? Have you run into a well-dressed stranger at a train station who offered you a mysterious card with a phone number? Well then, you might just be the next contestant on a fairly deadly game show. Netflix's Squid Game is the latest series to really capture the attention of a wide audience. The Korean show has become a global phenomenon, thanks in part to the dozens of language translations available for the subtitles and dubs.

Some of you may be wondering, would I survive the Squid Game? Thankfully for you, we have a far safer way to find out if you would survive the life-or-death Game than actually taking part. Some of those games they play are pretty fun, and way more enjoyable when your life isn’t on the line. This quiz will test the strategy you use for these games as well as what takes place between the rounds to see if you would survive. Answer the questions as honestly as you can, and we will tell you if you’d perish or survive and win millions of dollars!

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Would You Survive “Squid Game”? Quiz Questions

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