Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on Your Taste in Food?

It's written in the stars... and on your plate.

Deciding what to eat for dinner is one of everyday life's hardest decisions for many of us out there, and let's face it, when we love a certain cuisine, why change? As with many things, astrology and our zodiac signs determine what we like, even when it comes to food.

According to many astrologers, your zodiac sign has huge influences on your personality, who you are and what you like. Every zodiac sign has certain eating habits, its own specific way of preparing food and different preferences towards a certain type of food. While many people prefer traditional dishes, some love to experiment with new and exotic cuisine, while others will eat almost anything because they are not picky.

Thanks to the fact that the zodiac signs are ruled by different elements, we can determine your zodiac sign based on what types of foods you like best. Take this quiz to find out which of the twelve star signs your food preferences match up with!

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