Choose Your Favorite TV Characters And We’ll Reveal The Type Of Guys You’re Into

Over the years, there have been many television shows with ensemble casts, from M*A*S*H and Cheers in the ’70s and ’80s, to shows like Lost and The Walking Dead in more modern days. There is no one protagonist whom the plot and its narrative revolve around. Instead, the cast of characters share (almost) equal screen time and importance to the plot. This format has proven a success in shows like Friends, whose cast members go on to become huge stars.

Some shows bank on good-looking actors to drive viewership and this strategy seems to work. Baywatch, The Vampire Diaries, The Game of Thrones and many other shows use attractive characters to draw in viewers. Supernatural has an all-male (and very handsome) main cast roster, which has helped the show to be a success among the female demographic.

In this quiz, pick your favorite male character from the following TV shows. Based on your choices, we’ll tell you the type of guys you like!