React To These Social Interactions And We’ll Reveal What Kind Of Introvert You Are

It’s not that anyone enjoys being uncomfortable, but introverts feel very strongly about being put in circumstances that make them feel uneasy.

They cannot stand having small talk with their colleagues. For introverts, it’s an unnecessary expenditure of words and energy. They don’t actually want to know what you’re up to this weekend, so steer clear of such topics with your coworkers who you think have introverted tendencies. For friends with such characteristics, you shouldn’t invite them to any massive events, because they cannot deal with crowds. They actually feel more isolated than they would if they were alone. You may think they’d enjoy the performances at a concert, but the huge group of people would be an immediate downer.

In this quiz, choose your most likely response to various common social situations. Your reactions will help to determine the kind of introvert you are, or if you really are introverted after all.