Can You Identify These Movies by Just One Frame?

This quiz will separate the movie experts from the casual fans.

Silent classics, epic action-adventures, space operas and everything in between: Everyone has their favorites when it comes to movies. After all, film spans all tastes, all genres, all cultures, and all eras. Ever since the dawn of cinema, many films have stood the test of time for a variety of reasons. Some are praised by critics, while others are remembered for their popularity and impact on our culture as a whole. Many have grossed billions at the box office.

You have to be a true movie expert in order to identify the movies in this quiz. If you have a wealth of movie knowledge stored in your memory then there's nothing to say that you couldn't do very well on this quiz. You'll have to have seen a lot of movies, however, and retained information about the stories, characters, and settings in the films you have seen, in order to know which movies these are after only viewing one frame from the film. You might be a movie expert or you might not be, this test will determine the truth.

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Can You Identify These Movies by Just One Frame? Quiz Questions

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