😱 Only Horror Fans Can Match 13/15 of These Villains With Their Movies

Let's get spooky, shall we?

Horror is one of the most widely-revered genres of storytelling ever in human history. Dating back to ghost stories people might tell around a fire, the art of horror storytelling has been evolving for centuries. Horror movie fans in the last 20 years have gotten to witness the ghostly imaginations of the world's top horror writers transform onto the big screen.

Thanks to advances in special effects and CGI, horror stories no longer need to be subtle or rely on the imagination of the audience. Horror movies, with all their gore, can be blunt and in-your-face in the modern era of storytelling. This is what makes the last few years a truly unique era for the genre.

Perhaps you are a horror fan looking to test your knowledge. You’ll find equal parts modern and classic in this horror movie quiz. You’ll need to be a true expert of the genre to be able to match these evil villains with their horror movie counterparts.

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