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Only TV Fans Can Name These TV’s Most Historic Moments

All that time lounging on the couch is about to pay off.
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Television plays such a huge role in our lives, especially before the Internet. It provides us with entertainment as well as knowledge of current affairs. Throughout its existence since mid-20th century, television has created some moments that left a lasting impression on us.

Who could forget the finale of The Sopranos? More than ten years later we still haven't stopped wondering about what happened after the very abrupt ending in the series finale! A gut-wrenching moment came in the form of the funeral of Diana Spencer, or the People's Princess, as she was so lovingly called. It was a tragic ending to what started out as a happy fairytale for the Princess of Wales. Do you remember watching people pouring out of the Berlin Wall when it was smashed in 1989? With that, Germany finally allowed its people to cross the border between the East and the West freely.

In this quiz, you have a chance to test your TV memory. See if you can remember these iconic TV events correctly and prove your status as a TV fan!

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Only TV Fans Can Name These TV's Most Historic Moments Quiz Questions

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