🍗 You’re Only a True Chicken Lover If You’ve Eaten at Least 21/30 of These Foods

Finger lickin' good.

From winglets and drumettes to legs and thighs, chicken is one of the most popular and versatile ingredients to cook. There are so many saucy, tender, tasty chicken dishes out there that it seems nearly impossible to go through all of them in one lifetime.

How many times do you eat chicken a week? Assuming you're not a vegan or vegetarian, you can count the chicken in your grilled chicken salad, the crispy chicken nuggets that you snack on, the saucy orange chicken that you order at Chinese takeout, and the barbecued chicken chunks on your pizza. You probably now realize that you eat chicken more than you think. The inexpensive protein is a lunch, dinner, and snack time favorite that is eaten in all sorts of ways across many cultures. Plus, it can be a healthy meal option, as well.

With respect for chicken lovers everywhere and simply for the love of chicken, we have compiled a list of popular chicken dishes in this quiz. With so many amazing ways to eat chicken, how many have you tried? Take a look and let's get feasting!

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