How Many of These Foods Would You Eat With Mayonnaise?

Is your mayo addiction is out of control?

Mayonnaise is one of those foods that will always be somewhat polarizing. Some people swear by it and some people really hate it. As a condiment, it gets a bad reputation when people mix it incorrectly into their dishes, like adding commercial mayo to a club sandwichย or toast or dunking a slice of pizza into a mayo dip.

But when used correctly in your dishes, the white condiment can be an unsung hero. Mayonnaise has been great, not gross, in foods like deviled eggs, lobster rolls, potato salads and plenty of savory dishes since the beginning of culinary time. It also makes an excellent replacement for another creamy kitchen staple: butter.

Are your mayonnaise eating habits appropriate? Is mayo always your first condiment of choice or do you have other favorites? How many foods are you happy to eat with mayo and how many are you not willing to cross the line? Find out if you have a healthy relationship with mayonnaise in this quiz.

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How Many of These Foods Would You Eat With Mayonnaise? Quiz Questions

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