If You’ve Eaten 13/25 of These Foods, You’re Definitely Old-Fashioned

Complete with good old-fashioned values.

Do you frequently find yourself longing for the good ol' days? Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade? Did you ever wolf down grandma's chicken pot pie (followed by pineapple upside-down cake for dessert) and wished that you could have meals like this all the time? Yes, eating good old-fashioned dishes has a major appeal, especially in a time where it's become normal to eat rainbow-colored food and show it off to strangers on social media.

If you've felt like this, you certainly aren't alone. To this day, many people still feel nostalgic for the foods of decades past. In this quiz, we've compiled a list of old-fashioned foods and dishes. Are you old school when it comes to food, or are you a modern diner? Find out if you're more 2019 or 1959 in this quiz, based on the foods you have eaten and fancied.

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If You've Eaten 13 of Foods, You're Definitely Old-Fash… Quiz Questions

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