Only a Posh Person Will Have Eaten at Least 11/21 of These Foods

Ever had creฬ€me bruฬ‚leฬe or real champagne?

Most of the connoisseurs of good taste will readily agree the significance of certain gourmet foods. A person with posh taste in food is likely to have good dining etiquette, and better-than-average knowledge and enjoyment of food and drink. Such a person can appreciate high quality food that is at once sophisticated, luxurious, rare and carefully groomed.

Here we have brought to you some delicious examples of fine foods that qualify as posh. There are virtually hundreds of foods that may fit under this particular category. We have weeded out 21 for this quiz, and the selection may be controversial and generate some debate among you. These foods include foie gras, truffles, specialty meats, seafood, drinks, chocolates, desserts, exotic delicacies from around the world and many more. How many of these have you tried? Check those you have eaten with a "Yes", and we'll know once and for all if you, or at the very least, your taste in food, are as posh as you think you are.

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Only a Posh Person Will Have Eaten at Least 11 of Foods Quiz Questions

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