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๐Ÿฅ Rate Some Breakfast Foods and We’ll Reveal If You’re Totally Awesome or the Worst

This is literally the only way to know.
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Waking up is never easy, but a hearty, tasty morning meal makes the thought of it a whole lot sunnier. Not only does a satisfying breakfast give one the energy needed to plow through the work facing him or her at the office or in school, the most nutritious foods also help regulate one's appetite. By eating a wholesome breakfast, you can avoid feeling so hungry again later that you start scarfing down heavily processed junk food. Instead, you can choose to eat healthy foods for lunch and dinner, and make sensible decisions regarding your snacks in-between meals.

This quiz contains some of the usual breakfast foods and a couple of surprises. And one more thing: many of the goodies in this quiz are also famous for making mouths water at the sight of them. So, not only are breakfast foods important fuel for our bodies, they are also aesthetically pleasing. Give each one a rating and based on your taste in food, we will give you a rating as well.

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