Rate These British Guys and We’ll Guess Your Age and Height

It's raining men!

In Hollywood, it is understandable that many of the popular stars hail from the home ground. That doesn't mean that people from across the pond can't infiltrate the industry. Some British actors do such a great job at faking an American accent that you don't even realize where they're actually from.

Did you know that Christian Bale is British? His low voice and change of accent in The Dark Knight trilogy may have misguided us from realizing that fact. He's so British that his middle names are that of the Princes from the royal family - Christian Charles Philip Bale! Although he was born in Wales, both his parents are English.

Known for playing the protagonist in The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield isn't the all-American boy he appears to be. Despite being born in California, Garfield was raised in England since he was three years old by his family with English heritage.

In this quiz, you get to rate popular male celebrities from Britain. Your taste in men will help us guess both your age and height accurately!

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