Can You Work a Shift as a Waiter in a Fancy Restaurant Without Getting Fired?

Is this the career for you?

Working as a waiter or waitress can be a very difficult job, especially in a classy restaurant. Not only do you have to put up with customers making unusual requests or complaining about the food, but you also have to take all of that on the chin and maintain an aura of sophistication around you. There are numerous things you could do or say during a shift that would get you fired instantly from a job working as a waiter.

Not everyone can cut it as a waiter, as it takes a lot of dedication, patience, and anger management skills. We can actually tell how you would fare as a waiter in a fancy restaurant based on your responses to the questions in this personality quiz. Some people thrive in the role and make good money working in it. Many others, however, briefly work in restaurants and then later decide they will never be a waiting staff ever again. Whether you have a career in hospitality will depend on your answers to these questions.

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