🍨 Order a Mega Sundae at Scoops Ahoy and We’ll Reveal Which “Stranger Things” Character You Are

Are you Eleven, Hopper or a member from the Scoops Troop?

Once you start a Netflix binge of Stranger Things, it's easy to get drawn into the misadventures of Eleven and the gang. After all, they're just like us! They have hobbies! They do things! They eat food! Season 3 introduces a new setting: the fictional Starcourt Mall shopping center. This is where the teenagers go to do their typical teen things and hang out at the ice cream parlor Scoops Ahoy. Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a Stranger Things character and try some of the things they do? Wanna abuse the free sample policy like Erica? Well, here's your chance.

In this quiz, you can pretend to visit Scoops Ahoy with a friend from Stranger Things. Get your own customized ice cream sundae and choose the flavors, toppings, and drizzle. If you're feeling scary, you can even opt for treats like the Mind Flayer Macaron or the Demogorgon Sundae. Finally, you can decide whether to sip on an Elevenade Freeze and snag some merch. The best part is that at the end you will find out which Stranger Things character matches your personality the best.

Note: Mild spoilers ahead. If you haven't caught up on season 3, take our quizzes for Stranger Things season 1 and Stranger Things season 2 to refresh your memory from the Upside Down.

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