I’m Sorry, But You’ll Be Able to Pass This Trivia Quiz Only If You’re the Smart Friend

Time to find out if you're the smart one in your group.

So you might have a tight-knit group of friends. Friend groups tend to have people with different personalities and each one plays a different role in the group. What type are you? You will be able to pass this general knowledge quiz only if you're the smartest friend. Granted, this sort of depends on how smart your friends are but nonetheless, if you are the smartest among all your friends then you should do pretty well on this quiz.

This quiz will test your knowledge on a variety of subjects. So, there will be no just studying up on a few different topics in order to do well. Passing this quiz is only possible if you are someone who has retained a lot of information that you have gained over the years. If you wanna prove that you're the smartest one in your group of friends, then pass this quiz to earn those bragging rights.

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I'm You'll Be Able to Pass This Trivia Quiz Only If You're Smart Friend Questions

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