Design Your 🌴 Dream Vacation and We’ll Give You a Destination to ✈️ Travel to Next

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In today's fun quiz, we are going to reveal what your next vacation destination is based on your choices and preferences in traveling. You will get to plan out a fun travel adventure for yourself so we can determine a vacation destination for you that best fits your preferences and style. Going by your travel personality, or how you identify as a traveler, we will reveal a city you should consider traveling to or adding to your bucket list for the future.

The primary motivation for culture vultures to travel is to immerse themselves in the local culture. Their goal is to discover the true heart of a country through meeting its people. For some people, traveling is a transformative experience, a voyage of self-discovery that allows them to discover themselves and the meaning of life. Tell us a bit about the vacation habits you prefer and we'll let you know your next travel destination.

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