Only a True History Expert Can Pass This Quiz on Vikings

Put your Norse knowledge to the test!

The Viking Age was an important period in European history. Much has been written and documented about the Viking period. That being said, for many of us who aren't historians or history experts, most of what we know about Vikings is through movies and television. Hollywood has taken several liberties with how Vikings have been portrayed through time. There are some things that you might think you know about them that turn out to be untrue after all.

The critically acclaimed television show Vikings is excellent but several creative liberties were taken with the show. People who did not live during the same period are suddenly grouped together on voyages. Several parts of the show do portray Viking society accurately, although certain aspects of what life was like in Scandinavia at the time have not been depicted factually.

If you think you know a lot about the Viking society and European history in general then it's time to challenge yourself with this Vikings quiz.

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Only a True History Expert Can Pass This Quiz on Vikings Questions

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