What Dessert Are You? ๐Ÿง

Are you sweet like a cupcake or flaky like the crust on your favorite pie?

You may think that your favorite sweet treats are determined by your taste preferences. However, your personality could actually play a part too!

If you're a fan of dipping strawberries in chocolate, it's probably because you're a romantic at heart. You actually love all those cheesy lines from rom-coms and giving typical Valentine's day gifts to your loved ones. If you enjoy a slice of apple pie, you are a person that appreciates tradition--a rarity these days. You believe it represents years of tried and tested beliefs and that it is important to incorporate such customs into your daily life. If you like carrot cake, you're a fun-loving individual, who people view as quirky. You are also able to solve problems creatively.

In this quiz, you can find out which dessert matches your personality exactly! All you have to do is answer the given questions honestly for us to assess which delightful sugary snack you are.

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What Dessert Are You? Quiz Questions

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