Can You Spell These Fancy French Words That The English Language Has Stolen?

You may have known that there are many words in the English language that are of Latin origin, but did you know that just about an equal number of words have French beginnings? Multiple sources have suggested that that’s about 80,000 English words! These loanwords – words used directly from another language with little or no translation – are peppered throughout the English language and you may have used some unwittingly in your everyday conversation!

If you’re familiar with most of the French loanwords, then this quiz should be a piece of cake! But chances are, you will be surprised that some of these words even had a French origin!

Take a shot at guessing how these English words with French origin are actually spelt. For example, did we spell ‘entrepreneur’ correctly? If you said yes, then you stand a shot at passing this quiz easily!

Let us know how well you did by sharing your results.