We Know Your Deepest Desire Based On The Carbs You Eat

Carbohydrates in food have a bad reputation. When people hear the word, they associate it with unhealthy food that makes you put on a lot of weight. However, if you eat the right kind of carbs in moderation, you’ll actually benefit from them.

Potatoes usually give the impression of being carb-laden. But they can be healthy food as long as you don’t eat them with fattening condiments, while reaping the benefits of vitamin C and potassium. If you bake or roast them with the skin on, you get more fiber too. Refined grains may sound better than whole grains, but the latter contains healthy nutrients that the former has eliminated through the refining process. People who suffer from a mild case of carbophobia may avoid eating fruits because of the carbs and sugar content. But eating fruits in the recommended serving size will allow you to enjoy them and reap the healthful benefits.

In this quiz, choose the carbs that you would eat in each category. The dishes you pick out will reveal your deepest desire!