How Much Of A Picky Eater Are You?

When you were a kid, there must have been countless times when you didn’t wish to eat something that you thought was “yucky”. It could have been broccoli, brussels sprouts, or even tomatoes and mushrooms. Your parents would have had to coax you to eat many of the things you detested, at the same time telling you the various ways the food was good for you, perhaps even resorting to bribery.

And now, as a grown-up, you get to decide exactly what you want to put in your body. Due to social and lifestyle changes, most people grow out of fussy eating often associated with children, although many of us still avoid consuming certain foods for various reasons. Then there are some adults who are really selective when it comes to eating, choosing only from a small pool of foods.

Let us know how much you love or loathe the following foods, and we will reveal just how picky you are when it comes to food!