😸 Everyone Has A Breed Of Cat That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

As all cat lovers know, every cat is blessed with her own distinctive personality, just like humans. With the large variety of cat breeds, comes the diverse range of feline personalities. While every cat is unique, cats of the same breed often share some similar characteristics.

The Ragdoll cat is a favorite for many. The Ragdoll gets its name from its reaction to getting picked up, where it goes limp just like an actual ragdoll. This cat is unique as it possesses the dog-like characteristic of following their owners around. The Bengal is another popular breed. The pattern on its fur makes it look like it belongs in the jungle! But, don’t worry; it’s a domesticated breed. The Sphynx is a perfect option for people who are allergic to cat hair but want to adopt a feline friend. Its lack of fur may make it seem unapproachable, but the Sphnyx is a highly social and affectionate breed.

Are you more like the exotic Persian or the majestic Maine Coon? Take this quiz to find out which breed of cat you are most similar to!