Everyone Has A Marvel Character That Matches Their Personality β€” Here’s Yours

In a universe filled with multiple colorful characters, Marvel superheroes have distinct personalities to set themselves apart from their counterparts. Each character’s traits and backstory help us to relate to their narrative and understand it.

The leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X, is essentially a peacemaker. He works towards harmony between humans and mutants. He is selfless, fighting for even those who might be against him. In his quest for peace, his intuition, intelligence, and telepathic abilities help him advance successfully. Another natural-born leader, Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America is a reliable character who shows introverted tendencies. He has a traditional background, which means he doesn’t welcome change very well. He is also honest, has high moral integrity and can’t deal with people who are selfish.

Find out which character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe you are most like in this quiz! Answer the following questions truthfully and we’ll tell you which superhero you actually are.