Can We Guess Where You Grew up by Your Taste in Food?

What do your cravings say about you?

Think about the last meal you had. Was the food sweet or savory, oily or dry, creamy or spicy? Did it taste the way you expected, or did its color, flavor, smell or texture catch you off guard?

Our taste perception — whether we deem a flavor delicious or wrinkle our faces in disgust — is a product of who we are. That means our genetics, cultural backgrounds, where we grew up, and even where we live now can influence how we feel about the things we eat every day. Geography, personal experience, and the sort of cooking we grew up with all play important roles when it comes to taste perception. Many of us tend to stick to foods that are familiar to us.

You know what foods you prefer, certain flavors you crave, but you might be surprised by what those cravings say about you. Take this quiz, choose some foods and let your tastebuds reveal the place that you spent your childhood!

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Can We Guess Where You Grew up by Your Taste in Food? Quiz Questions

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