Would You Rather: Disney and Pixar Movie Food Edition

Tiana's gumbo or Remy's ratatouille? You can only pick one.

Disney and Pixar have offered numerous tastebud-tempting scenes in dozens of movies over the years. We're not exactly sure what kind of Mickey Mouse magic is behind it, but the animators sure know how to make movie food look delicious, even in 2D cartoon form. Somehow the animated stuff comes across as just as appetizing as glossy hi-res shots in food magazines.

From the meatball spaghetti in Lady and the Tramp and the colorful cookies in Alice in Wonderland, to Tiana's heaping plates of perfectly deep-fried beignets and Sleeping Beauty's topsy turvy layer cake that would make any 10-year-old (and adult) suddenly crave buttercream frosting, here is a quiz that will bring the magic of Disney right to your screen. We tried to cover every course, from breakfast foods to desserts, and even salad. So feast your eyes upon these memorable Disney/Pixar movie food scenes and have your picks of dishes in cartoon forms!

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Would You Rather! Disney and Pixar Movie Food Edition Quiz Questions

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