๐ŸŒถ Eat at Chili’s and We’ll Tell You What People Hate Most About You

Sometimes, the truth hurts.

Chili's Grill & Bar is a casual dining restaurant that has been bringing Tex-Mex-style cuisine to the masses since 1975. The diverse menu has attracted people all over the world to its establishments over the years. To illustrate the scale of its huge following, here are some facts about Chili's.

The restaurant serves 281 million guests every year. This is enough food to feed the whole of New York City 35 times a year! 60.4 million pounds of fajita meat is sold annually. In the same period of time, Chili's sells enough Presidente Margaritas to fill over 4,500 bathtubs. Finally, if you line up the baby back ribs sold every year, it comes up to 20,000 miles, which is almost enough to wrap around the globe!

In this quiz, we will present you with various menu items from Chili's! Try not to get distracted by the scrumptious options and choose one from each question to make up your meal. Your choice of feast will reveal the quality people hate most about you!

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