🍽 Eat a Fancy Meal and We’ll Tell You How Grown-Up You Are

Are you as much of an adult as you think you are?

Eat a Fancy Meal & We'll Tell You How Grown-Up You Are Quiz

As we grow, our appetite matures, in terms of both the food and the flavors we crave. As a kid you couldn't choke down "gross grown-up foods" like Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and broccoli. But as a grown-up, you came to realize they're actually pretty delicious.

Not only are you down with trying new vegetables but in adulthood you actually have the culinary skills to prepare them. Even better, when someone eats them and says you deserve a four-star Michelin rating, you know they're not talking about tires.

When it comes to eating out at restaurants, have you graduated from skint student to a full-fledged adult diner? Do you know what to do with all the cutlery you are given? To know how grown-up you are, here's a quiz for that. Pretend to order a meal at a fancy restaurant, and we will assess how adult you really are.


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Eat a Fancy Meal & We'll Tell You How Grown-Up You Are Quiz Questions