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Remove 1 Character from These Famous TV Shows to Find Out What Award You’ll Win

Your chance to get rid of these annoying characters.
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TV shows are filled with memorable characters, many of which become iconic and more popular than the shows themselves. There are TV characters who steal scenes and keep viewers coming back for more, whether they are main characters or supporting characters. Conversely, there are also characters who are so loathsome that we wish they would simply disappear from the show.

We can actually tell what Academy Award you are most deserving of based on which characters you would remove from popular television shows. This might seem odd but it’s true. There are little clues about your hidden talents that come out based on the characters you choose to keep or remove from a TV series. We then use those clues to tally up what Oscar you are best suited to win.

You will be asked to remove one character from a series of television shows in this quiz. This can be the main character or a supporting role. If you think the television series would be made better by the character being removed, then select them as your answer. At the end, we will reveal the award you are most suited to win based on your choices.

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⚠️ May contain spoilers
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