๐Ÿฅฉ Sorry, You Can Eat Steak Only If You Get 8/15 on This Quiz

Can you still be a carnivore after this?

Steak is one of those food items that can be enjoyed regardless of how small or big your budget is and no matter the occasion. The wide variety of beef cuts allows for its versatility. For such a popular item, there still may be things you don't know about steaks.

Do you know which country is responsible for the most beef production? It's the United States of America, with over 11 million metric tons! This is followed by Brazil, who also leads with the most beef exports in the world. Apart from burgers, you may be surprised to know that the prime rib is the top beef entree in the US, followed by strip steak and filet mignon.

In this quiz, we're going to quiz you on some details of steaks. Put your beefy knowledge to the test and try to pass it. If not, you are not allowed to eat a steak ever again!

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