90% Of People Will Fail This Tricky General Knowledge Test. Will You?

Continuing with our series of difficult general knowledge quizzes, here is another test of how much you know! As always, here is a sneak peek of the questions.

You should be aware of historical figures and events. This includes the first steps ever taken on the Moon and Greek gods. Do you watch hockey or water polo? Your knowledge of these sports will be tested, as we quiz you on sporting terms. If you’re good at Science, you’ll find the questions on the human body and chemical elements easy. A small part on astronomy will also be tested. There is a large focus on Geography, as we quiz you on US cities, nicknames, capitals of the world, and the locations of popular places.

If you are comfortable with answering such questions, then you can take on this quiz! However, due to the tricky nature of this test, we don’t expect that you’ll pass. In fact, 90% of people will fail.