Anyone With An IQ Range Of 140-149 Will Ace This Test. Will You?

The term ‘IQ’ may seem familiar to you. You probably know that it has something to do with an individual’s level of intelligence. But do you know how it actually came about?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient. IQ tests were created initially to measure the mental development of children with special needs. The tests not only included logical questions that you may be familiar with, but also quizzed the taker on tasks such as comparing weights of different objects and unwrapping candy. To measure the mental development of a child according to their age, IQ was used. There was even a formula to ensure the data was accurate. However, the original test wouldn’t be useful for measuring an adult’s IQ as it is more difficult to find a relation between a grown-up’s intelligence and his age. That’s where a quiz like this comes in!

Answer the following questions carefully. Remember, if you ace it, you probably have an IQ that lies between 140 and 149, or more!