🍔 Build A Fast Food Mega Meal, Then We’ll Correctly Guess Your Age

Obviously, many people eat fast food, if not there wouldn’t be such a high demand for new menu items and restaurant outlets. The most popular chains include McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and Subway. Did you know that billionaire Warren Buffett has had breakfast at McDonald’s every day for the past 50 years?

As fast food is usually affordable, it can be a go-to meal for people on a budget. When you’re hungry and need a meal in a hurry, a fast food restaurant will be a good choice as it’s quickly accessible in most places and doesn’t require a long waiting time. These days many fast food chains take care to provide healthier options, so consumers don’t need to compromise on their health for the convenience.

With this many good reasons to enjoy fast food, we think it’s time to build an imaginary fast food meal! Pick out one item from each fast food brand that you like the most, and based on your taste in fast food, we will guess your age accurately.