👔 Pick A Job Interview Outfit And We’ll Guess Your Age And Dream Job

So, you finally got that interview for your dream job, and you need to make a great first impression. How do you dress to impress and ensure you appear like the qualified candidate that you are?

Well, leave the trendy items in your wardrobe for now. Err on the side of being conservative. You want to let your accomplishments do the talking, not let your wacky style become a distraction. You can’t go wrong with solid colors, neutrals and basics. However, if you know a trendy style or color is flattering for you, wear it! It’s best to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. Finally, don’t use too many branded items, as it may make you appear snobby. That means the Birkin bag and Cartier watch should stay at home.

Imagine you are headed for an important job interview, and the first step is to pick out an appropriate outfit. Choose the clothes you’d most likely wear and we will accurately guess your age and your dream job.