What % Funny Are You?

Are you as funny as you think you are?

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you think you are really funny. You might be right but you could also be wrong. Humor is subjective, meaning what is funny to one person might not necessarily be as funny to another. So, you could make jokes that are considered hysterical by some but not funny at all by others. That is the folly of what we call humor.

There are some universally funny things, however. Some jokes and amusing situations transcend language, culture, and even experience. There are also people who are just generally seen as hilarious by a large percentage of people. Certain stand-up comedians and talk show hosts seem to be appreciated and well-liked by the vast majority of our society.

Are you just as funny as the professionals or completely humorless? If you would like to know for sure, then take this quiz, and we will tell you exactly what percentage funny you really are.

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