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If You Score 14/16 on This General Knowledge Quiz, You’re a Nerd

That's not a bad thing, really.
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Nerds are awesome. They are intelligent, appreciate good science fiction and fantasy, and are always able to point out logical inconsistencies in movies and TV shows. Perhaps you are a nerd. This quiz will be able to determine if you are or not.

Quizzes such as this one can be very difficult. They require you to know a lot about a wide variety of subjects. You have to really have a love of knowledge and studying to do well on quizzes like this. The more of these quizzes you take, the more you learn, however. If you take enough of them eventually youll be able to yell out all the answers to Jeopardy! questions at the screen whether other people in the room want you to or not. If you can get 14 or more of these 16 general knowledge questions correct then you are a nerd. Thats not a bad thing, and we hope you dont consider it to be.

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If You Score 14 on This General Knowledge Quiz, You're Nerd Questions

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