🍕 Rate These Pizza Toppings And We’ll Reveal If You Have A Male Or Female Brain

Everyone loves eating pizza. Customizing each part of the pie to your liking is part of what makes the pizza experience so enjoyable. Want New York-style thin crust? Thick Sicilian? Hawaiian? Vegan? We can all find a pizza flavor we like as we can put practically anything on top of the flatbread. Even though all of us have unique tastes, our preferences for certain pizza toppings can be said to be unanimous.

It’s no surprise that ingredients like pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage and bacon find their way to the top of the most popular pizza toppings list. One topping that has garnered a lot of divided opinions also has a place on the list – pineapple! Many people seem to enjoy extra cheese on their pizza as well. In fact, 37% of pizza lovers typically order plain cheese pizzas!

It’s time to let your pizza opinions be heard! In this quiz, rate the following popular or controversial toppings. Based on your ratings, we can tell you if you have a predominantly male or female brain.