👃 React To These 15 Distinct Smells And We’ll Tell You What % Fussy You Are

Olfaction, the sense of smell, is probably the most overlooked and least respected of the five senses. While human beings have a weaker sense of smell compared to most animals, researchers have found that humans can detect at least one trillion distinct scents. This could be fortunate or unfortunate depending on the situation. However, we should be thankful for being able to smell some of the most pleasant scents in the world.

Imagine walking into the kitchen, where Grandma is busy baking something in the oven. As she takes the cookies out, your nostrils are welcomed by the chocolatey aroma wafting out from the freshly-baked decadent treats. Or how about camping out in the forest for a night? Picture yourself smelling the smokiness of barbecued meat over the open fire, or waking up the next day to the scent of morning dew. Mmm… Don’t you wish you could smell these things right now?

Based on your opinions of the following distinct smells, we’ll help you figure out how fussy or non-fussy you are. Rate these scents according to how much you like or dislike them, and we’ll reveal your percentage of fussiness.